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Starting a New Business – Common Start-Up Costs

  • Apr 19 2019

Starting a new business is an exciting time. For serial entrepreneurs, starting a new business is often more routine because they have developed a system from their prior ventures. For those who are just diving into entrepreneurship, understanding how to handle the early stages of the business, such as start-up costs, won’t be so routine. If you have a business idea and you’re considering taking the plunge with a start-up, it is essential to...

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Eric A. Hirschberg, “40 Under 40” Honoree

  • Aug 25 2018

Schneiders & Associates, LLP is proud to announce that the Pacific Coast Business Times has named Eric A. Hirschberg a “40 Under 40” honoree! Eric focuses his practice in the areas of estate planning, trust administration, probate, business and corporate transactions, and entity formation. Eric prides himself on his lasting relationships with his clients built on trust and mutual respect, where they feel comfortable seeking legal advice from him regarding all aspects of their estates...

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An Overview of Foundational Corporate Documents

  • Jul 25 2017

There are a number of steps to form a corporation, including selecting a name, obtaining the necessary licenses and permits, paying certain fees, and filing foundational documents with the appropriate state agency. While an attorney can help prepare and file the required papers, the owners, officers and directors should have a basic understanding of these documents. Articles of Incorporation The first underlying document is the Articles of Incorporation, which states the corporate name, business...

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Should I Incorporate My Business?

  • Jan 27 2017

By: Theodore Schneider, Esq. The primary advantages of operating as a corporation are liability protection and potential tax savings. Like any important decision, choosing whether to incorporate involves weighing the pros and cons of the various business structures and requires careful research. Once incorporated, the business becomes a separate legal entity, and assets of the corporation are separated from the owner’s personal finances. As a result, the owner’s personal assets (house, cars, savings, investments),...

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Oral Contracts & The Statute of Frauds- Is The Agreement Binding?

  • Sep 26 2016

By Ted Schneider, Esq. There is a widespread misconception that verbal contracts are unenforceable.  A contract made orally with another party, without embodying the particular terms in a signed writing, can still be valid and binding. However, without a signed writing, any disagreement between the parties concerning the deal terms will create multiple problems for both parties. In order for a court to enforce a verbal contract, each party will have to try to prove...

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Forming an LLC to Purchase Real Estate

  • Aug 31 2016

By: Ted Schneider, Esq. Ownership of real property is a risky business. There are many ways in which users of real property can become injured, from tenants falling down stairs, injuries from construction equipment, or even an entire building collapsing from natural forces or faulty construction. Landowners often become defendants in lawsuits claiming damages from the use of their property. Because of the inherent risks of owning real property, owners limit that risk by...

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Common Lawsuits Brought Against Small Businesses

  • Jun 17 2016

By Ted Schneider, Esq. It is impossible to predict every lawsuit that a small business might possibly face. There is nothing to prevent angry vendors, entitled customers, or disgruntled employees from filing a lawsuit, even if there is no legitimate basis for it. The more a business owner delegates responsibilities to employees, the greater the risk that an employee makes a mistake and exposes the business to a lawsuit. Even the most vigilant, hands on business...

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Is My Business Worth More Than its Tangible Assets?

  • Feb 29 2016

Goodwill is an asset that is an intangible part of a business being purchased. In spite of its intangibility, goodwill may be worth more than physical assets, such as buildings, machinery or inventory. Goodwill is the essence of the company’s value to its customers, clients, and employees – its good name, if you will – and, as such, is a critical asset to any buyer. It is easier, as many people intending to purchase a...

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Why Should I Incorporate my Small Business?

  • Dec 16 2015

By: Roy Schneider, Esq. Why Should I Incorporate my Small Business? Not every small business needs to form an LLC or a corporation in order to function. A child selling lemonade by the side of the road has no use for a Tax ID number, nor does it seem practical to set up a new business entity to host a garage sale or a Tupperware party. As a venture starts to grow from a hobby to a...

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Negotiating a Commercial Lease

  • Oct 7 2015

By Roy Schneider, Esq.  Negotiating a Commercial Lease? Be Sure to Address These Issues When it comes time for your business to move into a new commercial space, make sure you consider the terms of your lease agreement from both business and legal perspectives.  While there are some common terms and clauses in many commercial leases, many landlords and property managers incorporate complicated and sometimes unusual terms and conditions.   As you review your commercial...

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