I used Roy Schneider's legal expertise in dealing with a business dispute where the business claimed I owed $28,000 and he resolved the whole issue with ONE letter; I never heard back from the company. As you can imagine, i was very pleased with his handling of the issue. I have recommended him, and his law firm to others and will continue to do so in the future.

I used Ted Schneider and his law firm for my company’s contracts and for general legal advice. I have received nothing but impeccable contracts & advice, all delivered in a timely fashion. I often refer Ted’s law firm to my friends and family.

Mr. Schneider has been so wonderful to answer my concerns. He is a very good person and caring expert. I appreciate his valued time and advice.

Roy has helped me multiple times over the years and each time with tangible results. The first time I hired Roy, he helped me with a dispute from somebody who refused to pay me for services rendered. After one letter from Roy, the individual paid immediately. Roy later helped me put together an estate plan. He and his team reviewed my situation and offered suggestions to protect my assets and most importantly, give me peace of mind. Roy has also helped me create business agreements and carefully looks at the pros and cons on any ideas that I have. He is a great sounding board and has experience and knowledge in different areas of law that help any business owner from start up to mature.

I’ve known Roy for years and he has helped me with family trusts, real estate law, corporation set up, and overall great business advice. He is no nonsense, to the point and always watches out for my best interests. Not only that he is wickedly funny!

For “top” notch legal advice and assistance Bill Winfield is as “knowledgeable” as they get. I have known Bill for many years and have recommended him to many of my clients who are having financial problems. Bill has been very “generous” with his time and advice to me and my clients and I would certainly recommend him to anyone who may be having “financial” difficulties. His demeanor is calm and reassuring yet his presentation is straight to the point. He has taken the financial “burden” off of my clients shoulders. You can be assured that Bill will work in your best interests-don’t be afraid to contact Bill.

With Mr. Schneider you get the old-school, big-picture approach that can be essential to operating for-profit and not for profit businesses. His background in community service and education is really impressive.

I would definitely recommend working with Roy’s firm. I have used his firm on many occasions. They always return their phone calls and e-mails in a timely manner, which is very helpful when you are looking for legal help. Their staff is very professional and friendly.

Mr. Winfield answered all of my questions in a very timely manner. I was pleasantly surprised that he got back to me the same day I sent him a message. He is very professional and informative. I’d come to him again if I needed more information.

Great firm! Great people. Kathi, Roy and Ted are always so helpful.

Mr. Winfield is most understanding as he listens and produces results in a very kind, knowledgeable and professional manner.

Due to the job and mortgage crisis of the last few years, I became one of the thousands of Americans who experienced the loss of a job and looming foreclosure of my home. Mr. Winfield patiently navigated me through this crisis, filing Chapters 7 & 13, which allowed me enough time to get back on my feet and obtain a modification on my mortgage. I can never thank Mr. Winfield enough for saving my home.

My conclusion is that you will be in agreement with me that Mr. Winfield is not only knowledgeable and an expert in his field, but; reliable, trustworthy, fair, dependable, kind, honorable and noble professional lawyer / friend. Thank you Mr. Winfield for your availability, gracious manner, talents, and prompt assistance over the years!

I highly recommend William Winfield as an honest and caring man and attorney to help you with life’s legal issues that you find yourself in – when he takes the role of helping you, you can know with confidence that you are in good hands and won’t feel like you are alone in interrupting the law.

Roy helped me with several issues in the past but most recently helped me create my estate plan. He was very thorough and made me think through the different scenarios that could occur to make sure my family was best protected. I was also considering purchasing a business, and again, Roy helped me think through different scenarios while discussions were under way. At the end, I opted not to move forward with the purchase, especially after the points Roy brought up. Roy is very knowledgeable and everyone at the firm there is always happy and friendly.

Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.