When you’re in real estate, you might find yourself in complications that would need experienced counsel. Partners, real estate owners, tenants, shareholders, and businesses sometimes find themselves disagreeing. As a result, minor issues can turn into destructive and expensive legal conflicts.

The legal team at Schneiders & Associates, LLP, meets such disputes among other legal issues head-on, giving our clients swift protection and relief. Our real estate attorney in Ventura County will help you handle negotiations in real estate deals, document transactions, financing, re-financing, or environmental issues. Our dedicated lawyers will also defend you in case a real estate transaction doesn’t go as expected and mitigate or stop foreclosure. Whatever you need, our team will help you with any real estate situation.

Real Estate Law

Real estate legislation deals with land and the property on it. This includes buildings and other structures. It involves regulations that concern ownership and use of land.

Some of the issues that real estate law regulates and provides guidance on include landlord and tenant laws, purchasing and selling of property, foreclosures, and building codes.

As a business, it’s advisable to engage a real estate attorney when you have any transactions concerning land or property. This is because such activities typically involve a lot of money, and you need to meet various legal obligations. It’s especially important to have an attorney to oversee any buying or selling of property. This will cushion you from fraudsters who may try to sell real estate that they have no authority over.

What Does A Real Estate Attorney Do?

These are some of the roles carried out by real estate lawyers in regards to real estate law:

  • Attorneys help draft transaction agreements and review any documents that are important to the success of a purchase.
  • Lawyers provide guidance on matters concerning property taxes. The requirements for property taxes may vary from one state to another, so it’s advisable to look for a local lawyer who’s up to date with the changing legislation of a particular state.

Do You Need A Real Estate Lawyer?

A real estate attorney will guide you on the necessary legal processes that you need to fulfill as you operate your business. Other situations that may require you to seek the prompt assistance of an attorney, include:

  • If you would like to back out of a contract on a certain real estate transaction, an attorney can help you navigate the process while avoiding severe repercussions. Otherwise, trying to do it without any legal counsel may result in costly lawsuits from your former business partners.
  • Tenant eviction is another situation where a real estate lawyer can provide assistance if you’re having trouble getting the tenant to cooperate. The process of eviction is slow and can become complicated. If the tenant has lawyered up, you’ll need an attorney to guide and defend you.

Protect Your Business Interests

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