Starting your business can be exciting yet overwhelming at the same time. In the process, you may overlook some important legal aspects, and this may land you in trouble in the future. If you’re not sure what the law requires of you as a business owner, you should seek the services of a business lawyer in Ventura County. Schneiders & Associates, LLP is a law firm that helps both big and small and new and established businesses in matters concerning commercial legislation.

Legal Mistakes Business Startups Make

Startups can potentially make costly mistakes. If you can avoid these common errors right from the get-go, you stand a better chance of running a successful venture.

  • Not Registering Your Business Name

Registering a corporation or LLC requires a name check. Startups that don’t register their names and end up making logos, business cards, and designing a website may be forced to change everything if the name changes once they register their company. As such, you should ensure that the name you’ve chosen for your company isn’t being used by anyone else before using it to promote your business.

  • Not Starting Your Business as A Limited Liability Company (LLC) or Corporation

An important decision you have to make is what legal structure to operate your company. Since many entrepreneurs usually start businesses without consulting attorneys, they pay higher taxes that could have been avoided had they structured their company as an LLC or corporation.

  • Not Using Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA)

In the process of building your business, you’ll likely consult with a lot of people as you seek advice, hire employees, or get into partnerships. You may have to reveal confidential details about your business plan. By failing to have these parties sign an NDA, they may disclose sensitive information to different individuals such as competitors, thereby making your plan ineffective and compromising the success of your business. An NDA ensures such information shared with others is kept private.

Can You Change Your Business Lawyer?

If you find that your lawyer is not performing as you would wish, you may consider changing attorneys for the sake of your business. Situations that may lead to this include a lack of communication and unexplained delays.

However, before taking any action, consult with them, and express your concerns. Court backlog can be a reason for most inconveniences regarding your case, so it’s important to get to the bottom of the matter as your attorney’s work ethic may not be the issue.

How Should You Make the Change?

Once you have decided that your attorney is not doing their best for your business, identify another lawyer before terminating your contract. For your next legal representative, get referrals and ensure that the attorney can adequately handle all your needs.

Get it Right the First Time

With the experienced and capable team at Schneiders & Associates, LLP, all your business’s legal matters will be taken care of. We can provide you with a business lawyer in Ventura County who will dedicate adequate time to your legal needs, putting all your interests first. Call us today on 805.973.6924 for any questions or queries.

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