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Common Area Expenses in Commercial Leases

  • Oct 1 2014

By Theodore J. Schneider, Esq. There are three primary different types of commercial leases: gross leases, modified gross leases and net leases.  One variation of the net lease is a “triple net” lease, in which the tenant is liable for a net amount of property taxes, insurance and common area maintenance relating to the property they are possessing.  Most of the time, additional fees in the form of common area maintenance expenses come up...

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California Law Now Provides New Protections for Employees of Temp Agencies and Labor Contractors

  • Oct 1 2014

Governor Brown recently signed into legislation AB 1897.  With this new law, California will have some of the country’s most comprehensive protections for temporary workers. The new law is designed to protect workers, including factory assemblers, hotel maids, warehouse workers, farm laborers, janitors, and food processors who often work for years at the same company, but are paid less and denied benefits because they are employed by a labor contractor, such as a temp...

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Starting July 1, 2015, Employees Are Entitled to Paid Sick Leave

  • Sep 10 2014

Last week, the Governor signed into law AB 1522:  The Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act of 2014. Existing law authorizes, but does not require, employers to provide their employees paid sick leave.  This bill enacts the Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act of 2014 to provide that an employee who, on or after July 1, 2015, works in California for 30 or more days within a year from the commencement of employment is entitled to...

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Top Eight Child Support Myths

  • Sep 8 2014

Child support disputes can bring out the worst in many parents, conjuring images of greedy ex-spouses, and children who are used as pawns in games of parental posturing and revenge. While there may be a certain degree of truth to some of these stereotypes, a variety of myths regarding child support exist. Myth: Child support payments are based solely on the needs of the children.Fact: California has a complex child support formula that is...

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Testamentary vs. Inter Vivos Trusts

  • Sep 4 2014

By Roy Scneider, Esq. The world of estate planning can be complex. If you have just started your research or are in the process of setting up your estate plan, you’ve likely encountered discussions of wills and trusts. While most people have a very basic understanding of a last will and testament, trusts are often foreign concepts. Two of the most common types of trusts used in estate planning are testamentary trusts and inter...

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Form I-9 Inspections

  • Sep 2 2014

By Roy Schneider, Esq. The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) requires employers to verify the identity of their employees and their eligibility to work in the U.S.  To comply, employers must retain original I-9 Forms for current employees and, for former employees, keep them for at least three years.  These need not be submitted to the government but must be available for inspection.  From time to time, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) ask...

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Roy Schneider, Esq. Appointed to Women’s Economic Ventures’ Board of Directors

  • Aug 7 2014

Schneiders & Associates, L.L.P. is pleased to announce that Roy Schneider has been appointed to the board of directors of Women’s Economic Ventures (WEV). WEV is a non-profit corporation dedicated to helping Santa Barbara and Ventura County residents start and grow small businesses through training, loans and consulting. WEV’s mission is to create an equitable and just society through the economic empowerment of women. Roy practices in the areas of business planning, entity formation,...

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What to Expect At Your Bankruptcy Consultation

  • Aug 5 2014

By Rennee R. Dehesa, Esq. Each year, many Americans looking for a fresh start turn to bankruptcy for relief from their debt obligations. If you’re considering filing for bankruptcy, meeting with an experienced attorney is one of the best ways to determine whether it’s the right solution for you.  Once you have scheduled an initial consultation, you may receive a questionnaire from the attorney’s office to be filled out prior to the meeting. This...

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Establishing Company Policies and Employee Handbooks

  • Aug 4 2014

By Ted J. Schneider, Esq. There is no law that states that companies must have employee handbooks. However, employee handbooks are a good idea, once a company has more than one or two employees. Definitive and universal employment rules give employees guidance and assurance that all employees will be treated under the same set of policies.  Employee handbooks also provide companies with important legal protection – if an employee challenges an employer’s actions in...

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California’s Drought’s Impact on Your Common Interest Development

  • Aug 1 2014

Published in the CAI-CIC Channels of Communication Second Quarter 2014 Magazine By Roy Schneider, Esq. California’s three-year dry spell is taking a toll on the economy and environment.  Last year was the driest ever in California, since record-keeping began in 1895.  According to the California Farm Water Coalition, the lack of water needed to produce everything from milk and beef to wine and avocados could result in lost revenues exceeding $5 billion in 2014...

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